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LEOPARD'S KIN (Book 1)  Now available for FREE at Smashwords!

Lori Pate, newly-wedded and newly-widowed, is learning how to cope with the loss of her husband – and make a living as a horse trainer – when the cats on her farm start doing some fairly unusual things. And when her hair starts turning gray at the age of 21, a cougar shows up on the farm, and a Native Canadian stranger enters the picture shortly thereafter, Lori gets the sinking feeling her world is turning upside-down.

The stranger, Noel Tecumseh, and two of his eccentric friends soon show Lori that she’s now part of a unique club – one where snow leopards, black panthers, lynxes and others protect and guide “their humans” from both natural and supernatural dangers that threaten the gang of four. So when a group of Jaguar Knights comes to town with the intent to “clean up” the weaker parts of the human population, Noel must instruct all of them in how to direct their thoughts to evade notice.
Leopard's Kin is a 21st century myth: it could be anyone's story, but it can be "everyone's" story, about life, love, grief, friendship, relationships, fear, challenges, self-reliance, and community. Although the details of our lives may be different from the protagonists' in this story, the themes are universal, and that universality is what connects us to others, connects us to history and myth, connects us to "existential questions," and connects us to our Inner selves."

~Susan Nace



LION'S KIN (Book 2)  Now available at Smashwords!

From the author of Leopard's Kin... Lori Pate is coming to grips with the idea that she and her friends are being visited by spirit cats but that doesn’t prepare her for the other changes coming. Little does she know a pride of lions and her own burgeoning relationship with the mysterious Noel Tecumseh are going to make her grow in ways she can’t even fathom.


ALL THE COURSES RUN  Now available at Smashwords!

When Anna Grant enters the world of show jumping, her dreams are crushed by a sinister man who brings out the darkness in her own soul.