Becky Norman
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Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a B.A. in Honors English (Writing Minor), Becky Norman has moved to Canada and graduated from Conestoga College's Human Resources Program with Honours.

For the past ten years, she has held various jobs in Human Resources and is currently the Human Resources Manager for a not-for-profit charity.    

Becky is now working on a series of books regarding management and employee relations and has several articles on on employment law and horse care.

Most popular articles:
  • An Employer's Guide to Attendance Management
  • Actual Examples of Emergency Leave Days
  • Interesting Facts about Ontario's Employment Standards Act
  • Firing for Just Cause: Dishonesty
  • An Employer's Guide to Maternity Leaves in Ontario
  • An Employer's Guide to Probationary Periods in Ontario
  • Information on National Sweater Day

 I am also searching for an agent / publisher to assist me in seeing a collection of my brother's photography and my poetry put into print.  A sample of this work is below in PowerPoint format.  (Copyright belongs to Becky Norman and Scott King.)